Warehousing services

It was extremely important for us to enlarge the range of various services to support the transportation of goods. Therefore, we have included several additional options for storing goods for our customers: both at the port of loading and at the port of unloading the cargo.

We realize that the process of cargo transportation is not only its loading onto sea vessels, delivery to the destination and unloading, but also its storage in port facilities.

With this in mind, we have concluded many partner agreements with terminals, as well as warehouses in various ports and cities of both the Russian Federation and Europe.

Warehousing services

The port of St. Petersburg is the main port where we carry out our operations. Due to heavy traffic, it can be a challenge to find a free place in its warehouse and refrigeration facilities.
With the assistance of the partner company Sea Brothers Service LLC and thanks to the constant cooperation with various structures of the port, we have our own reserved seats in it.

For all questions of warehouse services, please contact our company.

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Logistics should be based on reasonable balance between price, safety of the cargo and time of delivery.

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