Original shipping documents

We believe that a successful transaction is one in which all its participants were satisfied, and especially when the Seller has received payment for the value of his goods in full.

Numerous manufacturers and trading houses that sell products regularly rely on our impeccable reputation and excellent work and trust us to conduct transactions with Russia. In addition to the usual methods of protecting the interests of Sellers, such as retaining the original bills of lading, we always keep the originals of cargo documents.

Retention of originals of cargo documents

Many Suppliers believe that sending originals of documents to the Consignee should only be done after receiving full payment for the goods. When the originals of your documents are ready, and the cargo is on the water of a conventional or container vessel, you can send the originals to our office in St. Petersburg. We will keep these documents with us until we receive instructions from your company to transfer the original documents to the consignee.

This method will allow you to significantly reduce the risks of idle cargo due to late payment by the Recipient. The documents will be sent in advance, and not at the last minute.

After we receive the original documents, we register them in our database, which excludes the possibility of errors or misunderstandings; we process hundreds of sets of documents every year and know perfectly well that any damage, loss or delay of original documents can lead to serious expenses on both parties. In addition, we understand that the Consignee without full payment should not receive the cargo.

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