Customs Broker

The customs representative of LLC «SBL» renders the full range of services in the field of customs clearance on the basis of Certificate No. 0617/00 on inclusion in the Register of Customs Brokers (Representatives) issued by the FCS of the Russian Federation.

Experience in the field of customs clearance, the level of training of specialists in customs clearance, the unquestionable professionalism of our partners and the high level of reliability of our company, allows us to solve any problems that may occur.

Customs representative

Today «SBL» carries out customs clearance of goods of all groups transported by sea and road transport at the Baltic Customs, St. Petersburg Customs, Central Excise Customs, Kaliningrad Customs, Vladivostok Customs.

Services provided by our company:

  • Customs clearance
  • Advice on foreign trade activities
  • Customs analytics
  • Mandatory and voluntary certification
  • Phytosanitary and veterinary control

On all issues of customs clearance, you can contact the company’s specialists

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In Russia customs clearance need special experience.

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Babichev Valentin

General Director SBL Ltd.

+7 (812) 602 17 54

Pismennaya Tatiana

Head of the Sales department

+7 (812) 602 17 54 (326)
+7 (961) 610 30 74



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