Sea transportation of dry cargoes

Starting with the transportation of refrigerated cargo, today we occupy a significant share in the market of chartering of scrap, grain, fertilizers, metals and metal products.

Now the company’s commercial activities include not only chartering ships as exclusive brokers of many customers, but also working on the open market.

After just a few years, the company has successfully developed a time chartering business in the ship segment with deadweight of 15,000-65,000 tons and currently provides bulk cargo services around the world.

Thanks to the professionalism and deep knowledge of the entrusted segment, along with the solid support of the ship owners, our team finds the most economically advantageous conditions of carriage by sea and offers the most competitive freight on any trade routes.

Dry cargoes

We are working with vessels of all sizes, ranging from small river vessels to Panamaxes, and strive to meet the needs of our customers, both ship owners and charterers. The list of our main services related to shipping includes:

  • Chartering and handling of tonnage
  • Consultation regarding the freight market
  • Advising on the Sale and Purchase market
  • Long-term international relations allow us to understand and analyze the trends and prospects of the market and provide our customers from Russia, the CIS and the rest of the world with a first-class service 24/7.

We love what we do, and so we can do it well.

The light, cheerful and friendly atmosphere in the offices, good traditions, our energy and impeccable reputation in the market allowed us to assemble the best industry professionals who are able to provide our clients with the most effective results.
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Consent is a product of two parties’ nonresistance. Freight is a product of the understanding between the cargo owner and the ship owner. Chartering is the art of turning the contradictions of clients into mutual benefit.

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Krasilnikov Sergey

Head of the chartering department

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Scherbinin Ilya

Head of operating department, Chartering manager

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Petrov Dmitry

Chartering Manager

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+7 (921) 568 85 01


Iskov Sergey

Operating / Chartering manager

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+7 (911) 111 63 33


Shukiurov Gafar

Chartering Manager

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+7 (911) 080 71 87


Udalov Andrey

Chartering Manager

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+7 (911) 710 10 73




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