Refrigerated cargoes

Sea Charter’s refrigerated tonnage department has been operating since the very beginning of the company’s existence — since 1999. Initially, the department provided the transportation service of fresh fruits and vegetables from Europe to St. Petersburg.

Thanks to the developed network of contacts in various countries, our company, together with partners, organize the chartering of ships on various directions that are not subject to sanctions.

Transportation of refrigerated cargo

In order to provide the best conditions for transportation, we organize the work both on the terms of a charter voyage, and on the terms of a charter contract for a period and a contract for the commercial management of the vessel.

Such a flexible approach allows our Clients to be sure that whatever changes occur tomorrow in the market, they will always be able to receive the vessel at a market price in order to quickly and safely transport their cargo.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time convenient to you.

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Consent is a product of two parties’ nonresistance. Freight is a product of the understanding between the cargo owner and the ship owner. Chartering is the art of turning the contradictions of clients into mutual benefit.

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Krasilnikov Sergey

Head of the chartering department

+7 (812) 323 91 33 (109)
+7 (921) 906 10 64


Scherbinin Ilya

Head of operating department, Chartering manager

+7 (812) 323 91 33 (122)
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