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Consent is a product of two parties’ nonresistance. Freight is a product of the understanding between the cargo owner and the ship owner. Chartering is the art of turning the contradictions of clients into mutual benefit.

Market analytics, 20 week

Posted 19.05.2017

AZOV SHORT SEA: Azov sea also shown volatility with prevailing of up going trend. Freight rates growing but the season is not соmе yet.

Market, end of year

Posted 19.12.2016

AZOV SHORT SEA: As a result of such saturated week we can see that freight rates are falling down.

Market's analytics 35 week

Posted 05.09.2016

AZOV SHORT SEA: Turkey and Egypt are not buying Russian wheat. Meantime, Sea-River Owners reverted to «end June» rates. All involved parties are stuck anticipating the market to boom.

Reports 27 week

Posted 11.07.2016

AZOV SHORT SEA: Traders and Shippers have faced with problems of delivery grain cargo to the loadports due to bad weather conditions.Meantime, Owners awaiting frt «BOOM» on the market, but...

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