Liquid cargoes

The partnership with many producers and consumers of vegetable oils in Russia, the CIS, China, India, Malaysia and Indonesia has allowed our company to build a long-term development program in the tanker segment. At the moment, along with the services of chartering ships with full cargo capacity, we also offer a part cargo booking system for transportation of small lots of cargo from 1000 tons.

The main directions of transportation served by our company:

  • Palm oils from Malaysia and Indonesia to Russia and the CIS, ports of Europe, China and India
  • Sunflower seed oil from Russia and Ukraine to the ports of the Mediterranean, the Persian Gulf, India and China
  • Soybean oil from Latin America to the countries of the Asia-Pacific region
  • On request, it is possible to arrange transportation in other directions.

With the help of our partners in Singapore and Brazil, we provide our customers with a continuous 24-hour service.

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Consent is a product of two parties’ nonresistance. Freight is a product of the understanding between the cargo owner and the ship owner. Chartering is the art of turning the contradictions of clients into mutual benefit.

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Krasilnikov Sergey

Head of the chartering department

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Shukiurov Gafar

Chartering Manager

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