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The agency department of the company «Sea Brothers Shipping» was founded in 2002, when the volumes of cargoes controlled by the company and the number of monthly arriving ships became quite large. Originally, the task of this department was to service refrigerated cargo from United States of America. Now this department is a completely independent legal entity with its own marketing strategy. The turnover of vessels varies from year to year, but remains stable within the range of 80-110 vessels per annum.

The staff has extensive experience in this field and knows all the nuances related to the registration of ships in the port of St. Petersburg. Each manager of the Agency Department is fully equipped with all the necessary information and is available for working with clients 24/7. Of course, the most connection between the manager and the Client is carried out during port operations or during the stay of the vessel at the port roadstead. All information about ships is provided daily and fully to our Customers.

During its work, the Agency Department is guided primarily by the following principles: honesty, efficiency, quality and accuracy of the performance of the tasks set by the Client and the obligations assumed.

It goes without saying that the Agency Department cooperates closely with the management of ports as well as local organizations and is able to provide repair of ship equipment, ship supply, repatriation / team change, legal support and undoubtedly the fastest discharge of cargo.

The confirmation of the high quality of the department’s work is the fact that one of the leaders of the reefer vessel market — the company «Star Reefers Uk» — chose us to represent their interests in the port of St. Petersburg, where they are arriving weekly for unloading their voyage ships carrying fruits from Argentina and Bananas from Ecuador (direct line from the port of Guayaquil to St. Petersburg).

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The main virtue for an agent — availability and professionalism, we have proved this with years of experience.

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Ulyanov Sergey

Head of Agency department

+7 (812) 323 91 33 (106)
+7 (921) 341 13 85

Ushakov Yury


+7 (812) 323 91 33 (112)
+7 (921) 341 13 84

Savinov Konstantin


+7 812 323 91 33 (127)
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