Special Projects

SBS Holdings is ready to fulfill the most unusual tasks of its customers. In this section, we present you the unusual projects that we have carried out.

Generating unit gas block-modular in containers partially disassembled for convenience of transportation, model Tricon 1200M, capacity 1200KVA. Delivered in 3 cars, including oversized.

MANUFACTURER: TRIOTECHNIK Kft. 3200 Gyongyos, Szurdokpartut. 86, Hungary
RECIPIENT: LLC «SMF KAWIS», Block-modular Energocenter was constructed for providing electric and thermal energy to the consumers of the facility located at: Smolensk region, Smolensky district, s. p. Stabenskoe, Pokornoye, FOR THE NETWORK of CJSC «TANDER».
Gas generator from Hungary

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Special projects

Special projects can only be done well by specialists. We ARE them.

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