«Sea Brothers Shipping» was founded in 1999.

Here are key milestones of our company history:

  • 1999 Launching a shipping line for fruit and vegetable transportation from Europe to St. Petersburg on ships with ventilated cargo spaces. Market leaders achieved as a result of the innovative decision regarding the use of container platforms (flat-racks).
  • 2000 Creating a marine agency office in St. Petersburg to maintain the fleet held in operating companies in the seaports of Northwest Russia.
  • 2002 Launching a liner service for frozen meat from South America (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay) to the port of St. Petersburg with additional shipments by refrigerated vessels passing European and Baltic ports. The company becomes the exclusive representative of a French company «Doux», managing their frozen poultry meat deliveries to the port of St. Petersburg.
  • 2003 Organizing regular shipments of frozen meat from Europe to St. Petersburg by refrigerated vessels and road transport.
  • 2004 The company becomes the exclusive representative of «Star Reefers UK, Ltd» in the port of St. Petersburg. Acting as its shipping agent and a booking agent for the delivery of fruit from South America to St. Petersburg, the company is able to offer its clients fruit delivery not only from the European Union, but also from South American countries: Argentina and Chile.
  • 2005 By signing the first contract with «Shipman», the company starts carrying out commercial ship management. Organization of a regular delivery of frozen fish for the leading Russian fishing companies from the fishery sectors in the North Atlantic to the Baltic Sea ports.
  • 2007 Organizing the world’s only transport line for shipping frozen meat products from Brazil and Argentina to Angola, Cameroon, Congo and other West African countries.
  • 2008 Organizing international and local transportation of marine refrigerated cargo containers by refrigerated wagons, with the ability to connect containers to electrical outlets during transportation. In a year the company is transporting enough food for year-round provisioning throughout Australia.
  • 2009 A significant increase in the volume of various transported goods in the dry cargo segment
  • 2010 Regular transportation of palm oil from Indonesia and Malaysia to Black Sea ports. Organization of regular transportation of livestock to Russia from the United States and South America by specialized vessels.
  • 2011 The company becomes an operator of dry-cargo tonnage and increases its share of the grain, fertilizer, sugar, metals and metal transportation market.
  • 2012 Creating «Sea Brothers Logistics», division to provide services for customs clearance in Russia and the Customs Union counties. «SBL» becomes a significant player in freight forwarding locally and internationally.
  • 2013 Including «SBL» in the Register of Customs Brokers (LLC Certificate № 0617 / 00 from 17.10.2013).
  • 2015 The company becomes a significant player in scrap metal transportation.

The most important achievements:

  • 2005 — 2010, the company is the world’s largest carrier of frozen meat.
  • 2007 — 2008, the company is the world’s only regular carrier of frozen meat from South America to West Africa 
  • 2015 — 2016, the company has shipped more than 3.5 million tons of a wide range of dry cargoes.

After many years of hard work the company has become universal in terms of shipping of various types of cargo by all possible modes of transport. Recently, the company has created a department for domestic logistics and customs declaration.

Long-term international contacts allow us to properly understand the trends and the outlooks of the market and provide our customers from Russia, the CIS and the rest of the world with a competitive top-level service. We love what we do, and that is why we do it well.

Easy, fun and friendly atmosphere in our offices, good traditions, primary customer focus, our energy and excellent reputation in the market allows us to hire the best industry professionals who are able to provide our customers with the highest level of attention and service.

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Any savings inevitably lead to time saving.
A professional, friendly and joyful team is the keystone of the company's continued prosperity
A plan without a job is a dream. Working without a plan is a nightmare.
We love what we do, and that is why we do it well

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